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As you may or may not be aware, we are now offering training day courses on 'The General'.

Below is the latest news about our now successful days:

Our first Steam Training Day was a great success. The participants thoroughly enjoying the experience of learning more about steam engines and even taking the controls of 'The General' on a drive around Exminster.

Some of the comments received:-

     "Driving 'The General' was a real buzz if not somewhat nerve racking when you think of how much its worth...",

     "Micheal's knowledge seemed to be second to none and whatever daft question I came up with he patiently came up with the answer, the explanation and drawing out of how an injector worked was superb".

     "I would say the day is a "must" for anyone thinking of buying a engine and if not it would just make an excellent experience day for anyone young or old"


We are Berrybrook Steam and for any enquiries concerning either our stock or the forum itself, email or phone 01392 833301 between 8:30 and 5:30  (Monday to Friday)


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