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Model Pavesi P4/100 Artillery Tractor
Year c. 1920s
Engine Four-cylinder
Country of Origin Italy
V5C Present? No
History Military
Chassis Number 20414
Condition Unrestored
Asking Price £26,000

A rare opportunity to own a remarkably unusual P4 Artillery Tractor.

This 4x4 machine was first developed in 1918 by Ugo Pavesi of Italy. It was innovative on every level, being a true 4x4 and having a double articulated frame so it could continually keep all four wheels on the ground. Whilst it was available for both civilian and military use, the costs of such a vehicle arguably priced the farming market out. It was, however, a success with the armies of a range of European countries including Italy, Germany, Hungary, and Greece. To keep up with the military contracts, the design was licenced out to a couple of established manufacturers including the well-known Italian firm, Fiat.

They were a true workhorse with their primary use in the military being as an artillery tractor to haul heavy weapons. You will notice on our example that the rear is exposed chassis. There was no fixed fitting for these vehicles and the rear could be interchanged for different purposes (carrying personnel, carrying supplies etc). Therefore, as far as we know, there is no significant parts missing from this example.  They were remarkably versatile, and I have seen historical photos of similar examples to this being used for a range of farming and land clearance jobs including belt driving a threshing drum, ploughing, heavy haulage and winching.

They reputably weigh around 4,600kg and reached a speed of 22kph on the road. They could climb a slope of 75o and were powered by a Fiat 4-cylinder petrol engine. Over the years the design varied so further investigations of the one we have would be needed to determine the gearbox arrange, engine size and further specifications.

We have been commissioned to sell this example of a Pavesi P4/100, as built by Fiat. We understand it is from the 1920s, which is evidenced from the earlier style 'Fiat' logo found on the chassis. There is a plate on the side stating a date in October 1939 - this is reference to a coachbuilder who worked on the vehicle at the time. The date suggests it may have been in anticipation of World War Two and it is an Italian company. It had a military career however we are uncertain who it was used by and when.

Its condition is in an ‘as found’ state needing a restoration. It rolls, moves, and generally seems free but will need an extensive overhaul with some of the smaller parts and linkages having gone missing over the years. The paint is non-existent, but it has been replaced by a fantastic look of a vehicle which has been heavily used over a long career – a truly irreplaceable patina. There is evidence of some damage around the vehicle, including a knock to the rear of the chassis (as photographed). The wheels are complete with the original looking spikes (some of which are free and usable, but most need a clean up to return their functionality) and fitted with solid rubber tyres. The driving position and seating is partially present with a winch drum holding cable under the driver’s seat. The steering is functional and particularly impressive.

Unusually, it seems to have retained its original petrol engine; many of these Pavesi tractors were converted to diesel in their working life and, as such, very few of this rare vehicle are found today with a petrol engine fitted. The engine itself will need a strip down and overhaul before running but it looks largely complete with no obvious signs of damage. The running gear looks present and it turns freely. We have not gone into any more depth than a basic visual assessment to investigate what work is needed but we hope the images will help any prospective buyer get an idea of what the project entails. As with all our vehicles listed for sale, we welcome viewings where possible and would be happy to accommodate any visits when allowed.

It is an impressive size and will be an incredible piece when running. It is perfect for an ‘oily rag’ restoration which is just steeped in history. A rare survivor of military background and a remarkably original looking tractor.

Asking Price - £26,000


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