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The Berrybrook Library is a result of four generations and over sixty years worth of collecting. The Library includes over 200 manuals, 70 parts catalogues, and similar numbers of sales brochures, technical guides and motor history books, totalling over one thousand items. The vast assortment of literature makes for an excellent source collection for enthusiasts, researchers, and clubs. We encourage any interested parties to search the library online and visit our premises in person to browse. We are also constantly looking to expand the collection, so if you are looking to find a new home for your literature please let us know.

To use this online database, please search by Title, Author, Type (e.g. manual/book/catalogue), Make, Model or Year. To view specific books in the collection please take note of its DDN prior to your visit.

629.2338 RANVintage Motorcycles Illustrated, Revised EditionGeorge RanceMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringMotorcycles1970
629.2272 ENFA List of Spare and Replacement Parts for the Royal Enfield Motorcycle 1946-48 Model GThe Enfield Cycle Co. Ltd.Parts CataloguesMotorcyclesRoyal Enfield1948
629.2291 VINThe Journal of the Vincent H. R. D. Owners Club, May 1962, No. 160Vincent Owner's ClubClub PublicationsMotorcyclesVincent1962
629.2213 HAYThe Book of the B.S.A. BantamW. C. HaycraftManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1959
629.22131 BSABSA Goldstar 350 c.c./500 c.c. Maintenance Manual BSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1955
629.22132 BSABSA Instruction Manual, Models C15, C15T, C15S, C15 SS80, B40, B40 SS90BSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1957
629.2333 TEMThe Motor Repair Manual for the Owner Driver and Amateur Mechanic, 5th editionTemple PressManuals/HandbooksGeneralMotoringMaintenance1955
629.2401 BERThe Amateur Mechanic, vol.IIIBernard E. JonesManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneral1914
629.2401 LOUThe Motorcycle Practical HandbookHarry LouisManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneral1959
629.2301 PLAAn Album of Motor Cars, Second SeriesJohn Player and SonsMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringCars1934
629.2301 NICSports Cars Book Two, 1907-1927T. R. NicholsonMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringCars1970
629.2301 RALPopular Cars IllustratedThe Raleigh PressMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringCars1960
629.2301 NIC1Passenger Cars 1863-1904T. R. NicholsonMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringCars1970
629.2378 WIL"Safety First": An Album to contain a series of Cigarette Cards of National ImportanceW.D. and H.O. WillsHighway CodesGeneralMotoringRules and Regulations1934
629.2358 NEA"Raydyot" Motor Specialities, James Neale and Sons ltd., Season 1955-56James Neale and Sons Ltd.Parts CataloguesGeneralMotoringParts and Accessories1955
629.2358 AMAAMAC Catalogue and Hints and Tips, List No. 203AMACParts CataloguesGeneralMotoringParts and Accessories1927
629.2301 RAL1Where's that Car from? Eight edition. The Raleigh PressIndexesGeneralMotoringCars1960
796.701 COORallying to Monte CarloMike CooperBiographyMotorsportRally1956
914.1 BACBacon's Reversible Maps, Motor Road Map of Southern England and Wales, No.1G. W. Bacon and Co. Ltd.MapsMotorsport1950
629.2358 DESDesmo Motor Accessories 1939, Edition No. 20DesmoParts CataloguesGeneralMotoringParts and Accessories1939
629.2201 AJSMaintenance Manual and Instruction Book for 1951 350 c.c. and 500 c.c. AJSAJSManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesAJS1951
745.1 RAMRamsay's British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue, 13th EditionJohn RamsaySales GuideToysandModels2009
629.224 JAMJames Instruction Book, 150 c.c. Cadet/ 98 c.c. Comet (1955 Models J15 and J11)James Motorcycles Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesJames1955
629.2164 BODThe Vintage Years of the Morgan Three-WheelerW. BoddyMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1970
629.2333 WHEThe Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred CarsR. Wheeler and B. MorganTechnical and Restoration GuidesGeneralMotoringMaintenance1957
796.701 FRAThe Le Mans StoryGeorges FraichardBooksMotorsportSports1954
629.2301 HILFifty Years with Motor Cars (Faber and Faber)A. F. C. HillsteadBiographyGeneralMotoringCars1960
796.701 DAVRallies and Trials: The Monte Carlo Rally, Alpine Trials, the Rallye Gastronomique, R.A.C. Veteran Car Trials, and other motoring occasionsS. C. H. DavisBiographyMotorsportRally1951
796.7011 DAVA Racing MotoristS. C. H. DavisBiographyMotorsportSports1949
629.2301 BLAThe Skilful Driver: Motoring as an ArtJames S. BlairBooksGeneralMotoringCars1956
629.2378 MINThe Highway Code including Motorway RulesMinistry of TransportHighway CodesGeneralMotoringRules and Regulations1961
914.1 JOHMotoring and Hiking Map Section L (Cornwall)W. & A. K. JohnstonMapsMapsandTravel1946
629.2116 SHAThe Bond Minicar Mark "F" Instruction BookSharp's Commercials Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsBond1957
629.2195 WOLWolseley 6/110 Driver's HandbookWolseley Motors LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsWolseley1966
629.2142 JAGJaguar Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook for 3 1/2 Litre Mark VIII Model Jaguar Cars Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsJaguarn/a
629.214201 JAGJaguar 2.4 Litre Model Operating, Maintenance and Service HandbookJaguar Cars Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsJaguarn/a
629.2142 BEAJaguar: A Biography (Signed copy)Lord Montagu of BeaulieuBiographyCarsJaguar1961
629.2347 BEABeaulieu: The Abbey Palace House and Buckler's HardLord Montagu of BeaulieuBooksGeneralMotoringMuseums and Collections1952
629.2206 ARIAriel: The Modern Motor Cycle Owner's Guide - Single Cylinder ModelsAriel Motors Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesAriel1954
629.21161 SHABond Minicar Ranger and Estate 250G Instruction BookSharp's Commercials Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsBond1963
629.2289 BURVelocette Motor Cycle Maintenance and Repair SeriesR. W. BurgessManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesVelocette1952
629.2289 VELInstruction Book for Velocette Mac (350 c.c.) ModelVeloce Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesVelocette1952
629.2301 AAThe Automobile Association Handbook 1933-34The Automobile AssociationManuals/HandbooksGeneralMotoringCars1933
629.2421 TRAHaynes: Automobile Electrical Manual: A Comprehensive GuideTony TranterManuals/HandbooksMechanicsElectricals1983
629.2156 CLAMorgan Four: Owners Workshop Manual Autobook 3rd. Ed. Fully RevisedR. ClarkeManuals/HandbooksCarsMorgan - 4/41973
629.2421 JUDThe Modern Motor Engineer: Data Sheets and Wiring Diagrams, eleventh edition.Arthur W. JudgeTechnical and Restoration GuidesMechanicsElectricals1963
629.2358 BULJohn Bull Cycle and Motor-Cycle Tyres and AccessoriesJohn Bull Rubber Co. Ltd.Parts CataloguesGeneralMotoringParts and Accessories1937
629.2465 PAYPayen Guaranteed Gaskets: 1939 Gasket GuideJ. Payen Ltd.Parts CataloguesMechanicsGaskets1939
629.2168 BMCAnother British Engineering Achievement by BMC: Morris 1800BMC Corporation Ltd.Sales GuideCarsMorris1966
629.2136 HAWThe Gregg Book of the Ford "Anglia" (8 h.p.)Ellison HawksManuals/HandbooksCarsFord1952
796.701 HAWChampion Year: My Battle for the Drivers' World TitleMike HawthornBiographyMotorsportGeneral1959
629.2195 MARThe Book of the Wolseley (4-cylinder models, 1946-59), Pittman's Motorists' Library. Sixth Edition.W. A. Gibson MartinManuals/HandbooksCarsWolseley1959
629.22131 HAYThe Book of the B.S.A. BantamW. C. HaycraftManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1955
796.7011 MOTSpeed and how to obtain it, eighth editionStaff of the MotorcycleClub PublicationsMotorsportGeneral1962
629.2168 ABBThe Book of the Morris Eight and the Morris MinorStaton AbbeyManuals/HandbooksCarsMorris1956
629.2378 NSFAThe Motorist's Pocket Book for 1928National Safety First AssociationHighway CodesGeneralMotoringRules and Regulations1928
629.2378 MIN1The Highway Code including Motorway RulesMinistry of TransportHighway CodesGeneralMotoringRules and Regulations1961
629.2155 MORMorgan: The History of a famous carMorgan Motors Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - General1975
914.1 MAFNew Popular Edition: One-inch Map of England and Wales - Barnstaple (Sheet 163)Ministry of Agriculture and FisheriesMapsMapsandTravel1946
629.22133 BSABSA Motor Cycle Instruction Book 1937 ModelsBSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1937
629.22134 BSABSA Instruction Manual for Models D1 125 c.c. Bantam, D1 125 c.c. Competition, D3 150 c.c. Bantam Major, D3 150 c.c. CompetitionBSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1954
629.22133 BSA1BSA Motor Cycle Instruction Book 1937 Models (750 c.c. O.H.V. Vee Twin Y13 and 1,000 c.c. S.V. Vee Twin G14)BSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1937
643.11 HEYHints for Home Decorators: The Decorators Complete Guide (Twenty-third edition)Robert HeysTechnical and Restoration GuidesCaravansandLivingHomen/a
629.2108 ABBThe Book of the AustinStaton AbbeyManuals/HandbooksCarsAustin1955
629.217605 RELReliant Robin 850 Saloon and Van Owner's HandbookReliant Motor Company Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1975
629.2164 WATThe Three Wheeler Story of the MorganBrian WattsClub PublicationsCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1971
629.2454 SOL1Self-Starting Solex Carburettor Descriptive Booklet (Models VB. HF. And AH.)Solex LimitedParts CataloguesMechanicsFuel and Induction1954
914.1 SHEShell touring 5 Northern EnglandShell touring serviceMapsMapsandTravel1965
629.2401 CAMThe Practical Motorist and Motor Cyclist: 50 ways to improve the running of your car or motor cycleF. J. CammManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneral1958
914.101 JOHRoad Map for Motoring, Cycling and Hiking (Section M)W. and A. K. Johnston Ltd.MapsMapsandTravel>1940
629.2358 BROB. & B. Motorcycle Carburettors 1920: Hints and Tips to Motor CyclistsBrown and Barlow Ltd.Technical and Restoration GuidesGeneralMotoringParts and Accessories1920
629.2401 CAM1The Practical Motorist and Motor Cyclist: Trouble TracerF. J. CammClub PublicationsMechanicsGeneral1957
629.2424 GEDGedore "Tools of Fine Quality at Prices which appeal to all", Catalogue No. E 600 NGedoreSales GuideMechanicsTools1936
629.2164 MORMorgan "The World's Leading 3 Wheeler"Morgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1938
629.2176 HAYHaynes: Reliant Owners Manual (covers all UK versions of Regal/Robin and Super Robin/ Robin Saloon/ Kitten)HaynesManuals/HandbooksCarsReliantn/a
629.2424 GER1949 Nett Trade Catalogue: Engineers' Tools Workshop and Garage AccessoriesGerald Stains Ltd.Sales GuideMechanicsTools1949
629.2201 STEAJS Motor Cycles Catalogue of Spare Parts 1914-23A. J. Stevens and Co. Ltd.Parts CataloguesMotorcyclesAJS1923
629.2257 HAYThe Book of the Norton (Ninth edition)W. C. HaycraftManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesNorton1963
629.2283 HAYThe Book of the Sunbeam S7 and S8W. C. HaycraftManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesSunbeam1964
629.21641 MOR"The Bulletin" The Three-Wheeler Club MagazineThe Morgan Three Wheeler ClubClub PublicationsCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1966
629.22891 VELVelocette: Service Manual for Viper, Venom, MSS, 'Clubman' and 'Scrambler' Models Veloce Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesVelocette1963
629.2301 MANThe Observer's Book of AutomobilesL. A. ManwaringBooksGeneralMotoringCars1963
629.2333 NEWFina book of car careNewton and Godin Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksGeneralMotoringMaintenancen/a
796.754 ACUThe World's Championship Road Races 1969: Official Programme and GuideAuto-Cycle UnionClub PublicationsMotorsportRoad1969
914.1 LOUThe Motorcycle: Touring Guide and Road MapsHarry LouisMapsMapsandTravel<1962
629.2168 MOROperation manual for the G.P.O Morris MinorMorris Minor LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsMorris1935
629.2186 MOTSkoda 100 L Operators ManualMotor WorksManuals/HandbooksCarsSkodan/a
629.217601 RELReliant Regal Car and 5cwt Van Owner's HandbookThe Reliant Motor Company Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1966
629.21552 MORFirst and Last of the Real Sports CarsCharles MorganMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1994
Benjamin: Artifical Lighting Catalogue Fourteen Fifty "A"Benjamin Electric Ltd.Sales GuideOthern/a
629.2213 BSABSA Instruction Manual 1938 to 1953 Models C10 250 c.c. S.V. and C11 250 c.c. O.H.V.BSAManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1963
629.2201 NEIA.J.S. Motor Cycles: A Practical Guide Covering Models from 1931F. W. NeillManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesAJS1949
914.1 AAAA Members Handbook 1966/67The Automobile AssociationManuals/HandbooksMapsandTravel1966
629.2136 LARZephyr Zodiac Mk.4 Owner's Handbook/Maintenance ManualJ. C. LarminieManuals/HandbooksCarsFord1973
629.2176 THOThe Book of the Reliant: Car Care and Service ManualJohn ThorpeManuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1973
629.2301 WHIThe Observer's Book of Vintage Cars and Pre-War ClassicsMark WhiteBooksGeneralMotoringCars1982
629.2257 FRANorton Motor Cycle Maintenance and Repair SeriesE. M. FranksManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesNorton1949
629.2333 BARThe Secondhand Car OwnerR. Barnard Way and Noel D. GreenTechnical and Restoration GuidesGeneralMotoringMaintenance1950
629.2191 STATriumph 2000 Owner's HandbookStandard-Triumph Sales ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsTriumph1963
629.2318 BBCThe Big Book of Top Gear 2011BBCBooksGeneralMotoringEntertainment2011
629.2318 MPHThe Prestige and Performance Motor Show Official Publication Ft. Top Gear LiveMPHMagazinesGeneralMotoringEntertainment2011
629.2338 CURGreat British Motor Cycles of the ThirtiesBob CurrieMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringMotorcycles1991
629.2157 MORMorgan Aero SupersportsMorgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Aero2010
629.21571 MORMorgan Aero Supersports (including price list)Morgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Aero2010
629.2206 BACAriel: The Postwar ModelsRoy BaconBooksMotorcyclesAriel1983
629.2142 WHYJaguar: The History of a great British CarAndrew WhyteBooksCarsJaguar1980
101 PIRZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: an inquiry into valuesRobert M. PirsigBooksOther2004
621.12 DAVAids to Cropmaster Farming: To help you get the best from your David Brown "Cropmaster"David Brown Tractors LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors1950
621.12 HALHalservice 1971: Halse of HonitonHalse of HonitonSales GuideSteamandAgriculturalTractorsn/a
621.12 FORInstruction Manual of the Fordson Major TractorFord Motor Company LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors1945
621.121 FORFordson Major Repair Charge Schedule and Instruction BookFord Motor Company LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors1958
621.1 PETPetter Petrol Engines Operators HandbookPetters Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalImplements1956
629.2176 WARHaynes: Reliant Regal Owner's Handbook/Maintenance ManualP. WardManuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1973
629.214202 JAGJaguar XK 150 Model Operating, Maintenance and Service HandbookJaguar Cars LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsJaguar
621.12 MASFerguson Diesel Tractor Instruction Book Type TE-FMassey-Harris-Ferguson LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors1952
629.2176 BARHaynes: Reliant Regal, Robin & Kitten Owner's HandbookC. D. BargeManuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1978
629.2108 LEYAustin Maxi 1750/1500 HandbookBritish Leyland UK LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsAustin1975
629.2108 AUSAustin A40 Driver's HandbookThe Austin Motor Co. Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsAustin1959
629.2108 ABB2The Book of the Austin Seven and EightStaton AbbeyManuals/HandbooksCarsAustin1959
629.2136 FORFord Car Owner HandbookFord Motor Company LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsFord1981
629.2338 ROSEncyclopaedia of Classic MotorcyclesRichard RosenthalEncyclopediaGeneralMotoringMotorcycles2009
629.214 MUIHow to Keep your Volkswagen Alive: A manual of step by step procedures for the compleat idiotJohn MuirManuals/HandbooksCarsVolkswagen2017
629.2287 WILHaynes: Triumph T120/T140 BonnevilleSteve WilsonMotor HistoryMotorcyclesTriumph2000
621.11 CROJake's Interesting World of SteamJake CrockerBiographySteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines
621.11 FREThree Counties Steam Tour through 100 miles of East Anglian HeritagePat FreemanBooksSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines1998
629.215501 MOGMorgan: The Story of a Famous CarMorgan Motors Ltd.Motor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1975
629.2155 VIVMOG: 100 years of production at Pickersleigh Road (Special Mog Magazine Pullout)Project Viva Ltd.MagazinesCarsMorgan - General2014
621.121 DAVThe Cropmaster Series Instruction BookDavid Brown Tractors LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors
621.123 FORInstruction Book for the Super MajorFord Motor Company LimitedManuals/HandbooksSteamandAgriculturalTractors1960
629.2494 JENAbridged Pocket Catalogue of "Britool" Interchangeable Parts, Sockets & Sets Also Socket Wrenches (List No. 94). 1st edition.Jenks Brothers Ltd.Parts CataloguesMechanicsTools1936
629.24941 JENBritool: Interchangeable Sockets, Handles & Sets Socket WrenchesJenks Brothers Ltd.Parts CataloguesMechanicsTools1946
629.2494 BTEBritish Made Britool Socket WrenchesThe B. T. & E. Co. Ltd.Parts CataloguesMechanicsTools
629.213601 FORFord Repair Charges Model "Y" (8 h.p.) CarsFord Motor Company LimitedSales GuideCarsFord1933
629.2301 GARBusiness Aids for the Motor Trade: Price List of The Garage and Motor Agent System Forms, Books, Wall-Notices and Other PublicationsThe Garage and Motor AgentSales GuideGeneralMotoringCars
643.16 PRAThe Pratt 3 cwt. and 6 cwt. Capacity Trailers Type E.K. H. PrattSales GuideCaravansandLivingTrailers
629.2432 LODLodge Spark Plug Information (fourth edition)Lodge Plugs LimitedParts CataloguesMechanicsEngine
629.217602 RELRegal 3/25 Super Saloon 5cwt Supervan Owner's HandbookReliant Motor Company Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1968
629.217603 RELRegal 3/25 Super Saloon 5cwt Supervan Owner's HandbookReliant Motor Company Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksCarsReliant1968
629.213602 FORFord Audio Systems Operating GuideFord Motor Company LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsFord1995
629.213602 FOR1The Ford Commitment GuideFord Motor Company LimitedSales GuideCarsFord1995
629.213602 FOR2Ford AccessoriesFord Motor Company LimitedBrochuresCarsFord1994
629.213602 FOR3A New Service from an Old Hand: Rapid FitFord Motor Company LimitedBrochuresCarsFord1994
629.213602 FOR4The Sign of a Quality Repair: Accident Repair CentreFord Motor Company LimitedBrochuresCarsFord1994
629.22061 ARIAriel Square Four 1,000 c.c. 4-Cylinder Model 4G 1951 Owner's GuideAriel Motors Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesAriel1951
796.721 BENThe Batsford Colour Book of Racing CarsR. Bensted-SmithBooksMotorsportGrandprix1962
629.2338 VINThe Official Members' Handbook of The Vintage Motor Cycle Club 1972The Vintage Motorcycle ClubOtherGeneralMotoringMotorcycles1972
629.214203 JAGJaguar 3.4 Litre Model Operating, Maintenance and Service HandbookJaguar Cars LimitedManuals/HandbooksCarsJaguarn/a
629.2158 TEAMorgan Plus 4 Super ProfileJohn TeagueMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - Plus 41987
621.12 HENThe Illustrated Directory of TractorsPeter HenshawEncyclopediaSteamandAgriculturalTractors2004
621.11 JOHSteam Traction Engines, Wagons and Rollers in colourBrian JohnsonEncyclopediaSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines1976
629.2309 BERPetroleum Collectables: A Shire bookMike BerryEncyclopediaGeneralMotoringCollectables2004
629.2309 STUClassic Motorbikes: The record breaker. 32 Fine Art PostcardsStudio DesignsPostcardsGeneralMotoringCollectables1994
621.12 WILGreat Farm TractorsMichael WilliamsMotor HistorySteamandAgriculturalTractors2012
621.121 WILFrom 1890 to the Present Day: Farm TractorsMichael WilliamsMotor HistorySteamandAgriculturalTractors2005
629.2347 JENThe Schlumpf Obsession: inside a legendary treasure houseDenis Jenkinson and Peter VerstappenBooksGeneralMotoringMuseums and Collections1977
40.06 DERThe Great Steam Fair: The Authorised Cinemascope Film Made of the Unique Great Steam Fair Held at Shottesbrooke Park in Berkshire in August 1964 (77 mins.)Derrick KnightVHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural1996
40.05 DUKMan to Man: 1985 TT Races (60 mins)Duke Marketing Ltd.VHS/DVDVHSDVDMotorsport1985
40.06 STEGiants of Steam (50 mins)Brian Sterling-VeleVHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural1994
40.06 CMSThe Great Dorset Steam Fair (30th anniversary) (60 mins)CMS Productions Ltd.VHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural1998
40.06 AVPThe Great Dorset Steam Fair Official Video (Blandford Forum 1990) (3 hours)Advanced Video ProductionsVHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural1990
40.03 VIDCrashbox and Classic Car Club Powderham Castle 2000Video TraxVHS/DVDVHSDVDGeneralMotoring2000
40.06 PEGGetting Steamed Up: Fred Dibnah The Great Dorset Steam Fair Traction Engines at Work (170 mins)PegasusVHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural2004
40.06 BBCThe Fred Dibnah Collection: 6 DVD Box Set (17 hours 36 min)BBCVHS/DVDVHSDVDSteamandAgricultural2007
621.11 HOWRenown: History and Restoration of a Steam Showmans EngineIan and Gary HowardTechnical and Restoration GuidesSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2005
621.11 BONShire Album: Traction EnginesHarold BonnettEncyclopediaSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines1985
745.1 WREWrenn Railways: OO Scale Models (third edition handbook)G & R Wrenn LimitedSales GuideToysandModels1977
621.11 DIBFred Dibnah's Age of SteamFred Dibnah and David HallBooksSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2003
629.2394 BOSGo!Samone Bos, Phil Hunt and Andrea MillsBooksGeneralMotoringTransport2006
621.11 WILThe Traction Engine ArchiveRichard WillcoxPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2004
621.11 WIL1The Traction Engine Archive Volume TwoRichard WillcoxPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2007
621.11 WIL2The Traction Engine Archive Volume Three: The Transitional YearsJohn H. MeredithPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2008
621.11 WIL3The Traction Engine Archive Volume FourRichard WillcoxPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2015
745.101 RAMBritish Model Trains Catalogue: The Collectors' Price Guide to Hornby Dublo 1938-1964, Wrenn Railways 1968-1992, Tri-ang Railways 1958-1994 (first edition)John RamsaySales GuideToysandModels1998
621.11 BRIThe Power of Steam: An illustrated history of the world's steam ageAsa BriggsBooksSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines1982
621.11 LANFred Dibnah MBE Vol II: Untold Stories, Unseen ImagesKeith LangstonMagazinesSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2006
621.11 DONFred Dibnah Special Gift Issues: 8 Chapters by Fred DibnahPaul DonoghueMagazinesSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2007
621.11 STRClassic Traction EnginesPaul StratfordPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2010
629.2176 CHAThe Reliant Robin: Britain's Most Bizarre CarGiles ChapmanMotor HistoryCarsReliant2016
621.11 DON1Fred Dibnah: The Early DaysPaul DonoghueMagazinesSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2009
621.11 WESThe West of England Steam Engine Society (The WESES Collection - Volume One - A West Country Connection)West of England Steam Engine SocietyPhoto archiveSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2013
629.2194 KULAirmighty (Autumn 2011)Kulture PublishingMagazinesCarsVolkswagen2011
745.101 PRIPECO: The Catalogue (Your Complete Guide to PECO Model Railways)Pritchard Patent Product Co. Ltd.Sales GuideToysandModels
621.111 GREThe Fiftieth Great Dorset Steam Fair Souvenir Programme: 50th AnniversaryGreat Dorset Steam Fair Ltd.MagazinesSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2018
385.1 JONCasey Jones: The True Story of John Luther "Casey" Jones (reprint edition)Casey JonesBooksRail1940
629.2155 MCCMorgan: L'histoire des grandes marques automobilesF. Wilson McCombMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1985
629.215501 MOG1Morgan: The History of a famous carMorgan Motors Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - General1975
629.2155 BELA Collector's Guide: Morgans to 1997Roger BellMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1997
629.2155 HILThe Four-Wheeled Morgan: Volume 1: The Flat-Radiator ModelsKen HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1977
629.2155 HIL1The Four-Wheeled Morgan: Volume 1: The Flat-Radiator ModelsKen HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1977
629.2155 HIL2The Four-Wheeled Morgan: Volume 2: The Cowled-Radiator ModelsKen HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1980
629.2155 HIL3The Four-Wheeled Morgan: Volume 2: The Cowled-Radiator ModelsKen HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1980
629.2155 HIL4The Four-Wheeled Morgan: Volume 2: The Cowled-Radiator ModelsKen HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1980
629.215503 MOGMorgan Centenary 2009: The Year in PhotographsMorgan Motors Ltd.Photo archiveCarsMorgan - General2009
629.2155 CLAMorgan Cars Gold Portfolio 1968-1989R. M. ClarkeMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1989
629.2155 PEAMe, My Morgan & The MidlandsMichael PearsonBiographyCarsMorgan - General2002
629.2155 BEL1A Collector's Guide: Morgans to 1997Roger BellMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1997
629.2164 ALDMorgan Sweeps the Board: The Three-wheeler StoryDr. J. D. Alderson and D. M. RushtonMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1978
629.2155 BOWMorgan: First and Last of the Real Sports CarsGregory Houston BowdenMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - General1972
629.2164 HILCompletely Morgan: Three Wheelers 1910 to 1952Ken HillMotor HistoryCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler1995
796.701 HILThe Complete Book of Concours: Preparation, Presentation, JudgingKen HillBooksMotorsportGeneral1987
629.2155 QUIThe Morgan Car Toon Book Terry QuirkBooksCarsMorgan - General1980
643.13 SIMCreda: the Creda Book 1958-59Simplex Electric Company LimitedSales GuideCaravansandLivingHome1959
796.701 MOTMotor Sport (March 1971, Vol.XLVII, No. 3)Motor SportMagazinesMotorsportGeneral1971
623.801 MORAn introduction to Coastal Navigation: A Seaman's GuideMorgans Technical Books LimitedBooksBoatsandCruising1985
629.22401 JAMJames Instruction Book Superswift 250 Model M25James Motor Cycles Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesJames1962
629.2227 FRAFrancis-Barnett Instruction Book for Cruiser Twin Villiers 2TFrancis & Barnett Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesFrancis Barnett1965
629.221301 BSABSA Service Sheets (250 OHV Star and 350 OHV Star Models C15, C15T, C15S, C15SS, and B40)B.S.A Motorcycles Ltd.Manuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1965
629.2213 CLEHaynes: BSA A7 & A10 Twins Owners Workshop ManualJeff ClewManuals/HandbooksMotorcyclesBSA1990
629.2394 BROBrooke Bond Picture Cards: History of the Motor CarBrooke Bond TeaMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringTransport1968
629.2394 BRO1Brooke Bond Picture Cards: Transport through the agesBrooke Bond TeaMotor HistoryGeneralMotoringTransport1968
629.2301 CLUThe Vintage Motor Car PocketbookCecil Clutton, Paul Bird and Anthony HardingEncyclopediaGeneralMotoringCars1959
629.2401 COK1Motor Engineers Pocket Book Fourth EditionA. J. Coker, G. Hemmings and E. MolloyManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneral1956
629.2401 COK2Motor Engineers Pocket Book Seventh EditionA. J. Coker and J. N. SealeManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneral1964
629.2401 NEWMotor Repair and Overhauling - Charts (List of Data Sheets)NewnesManuals/HandbooksMechanicsGeneraln/a
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796.721 GOO2Goodwood Electric Revival Meeting 2019Goodwood RevivalBrochuresMotorsportGrandprix2019
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745.1 MOR1Morgan Supersport Junior Pedal CarMorgan Motors Ltd.BrochuresToysandModels2012
745.1 MOR2Morgan Supersport Junior Pedal CarMorgan Motors Ltd.BrochuresToysandModels2012
745.1 MOR3Morgan Supersport Junior Pedal CarMorgan Motors Ltd.BrochuresToysandModels2012
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745.1 RAI4Railway Modeller: For the average enthusiast (May 1982)Railway ModellerMagazinesToysandModels1982
745.1 RAI5Railway Modeller: For the average enthusiast (April 1982)Railway ModellerMagazinesToysandModels1982
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621.111 GRE2The Thirty-Eighth Great Dorset Steam Fair 2006 Official ProgrammeGreat Dorset Steam Fair Ltd.Club PublicationsSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2006
621.111 GRE3The Forty-Fifth Great Dorset Steam Fair 2013 Official ProgrammeGreat Dorset Steam Fair Ltd.Club PublicationsSteamandAgriculturalTraction Engines2013
796.705 MCIMotor Cycling Today: All the sport-machines, riders and racing technique - from one of the world's greatest racing motor cyclistsBob McIntyreBiographyMotorsportCircuit1963
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796.761 MAUIvan Mauger: 30 year World Jubilee Series (including Programme Rate Card)Ivan MaugerClub PublicationsMotorsportSpeedway1985
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629.221320 BSABSA Spares Model B44 Victor SpecialB.S.A Motorcycles Ltd.Parts CataloguesMotorcyclesBSA1968
629.221314 BSA1BSA Spares Bantam Silver Model D.10 3-Speed, Bantam Supreme Model D.10 3-SpeedB.S.A Motorcycles Ltd.Parts CataloguesMotorcyclesBSA1967
629.221321 BSABSA Spares 250 c.c. Model B25 StarfireB.S.A Motorcycles Ltd.Parts CataloguesMotorcyclesBSA1968
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914.1 MINOrdnance Survey of England and Wales - Diagram of Sheets of the Map (Sheet 138/ Devonshire)Ministry of Agriculture and FisheriesMapsMapsandTraveln/a
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745.1 GREThe Layman's Guide to Mamod Steam EnginesWilliam GreenManuals/HandbooksToysandModels2014
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629.2403 AERAerograph DeVilbiss: Spray Painting and Finishing Equipment (including letter)The Aerograph Co. Ltd.Sales GuideMechanicsBody Repair1938
629.2421 REMRemax Auto Electrical Components (List No. EL351/2)Remax LimitedParts CataloguesMechanicsElectricalsn/a
629.2432 REMRemax Gates Fan Belts for British, American & Continental Cars & TrucksRemax Ltd.Parts CataloguesMechanicsEnginen/a
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629.2358 TUDTudor Guaranteed Accessories For Cars and Commercial VehiclesTudor Accessories LimitedSales GuideGeneralMotoringParts and Accessoriesn/a
629.2415 BERViton Motor Car Colours 1957-1964Berger PaintsSales GuideMechanicsColours and Paints1964
629.2185 SINC5 Accessories: How to get even more from your Sinclair C5!Sinclair Vehicles Ltd.Sales GuideMotorcyclesSinclairn/a
643.13 EADR. Cadisch & Sons Radio Receiving Sets, Components and Accessories (Season 1932-33)R. Eadisch & SonsSales GuideCaravansandLivingHome1932
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629.21644 MORThe Morgan 3 WheelerMorgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler2013
629.21644 MOR1The Morgan 3 WheelerMorgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler2013
629.21644 MOR2The Morgan 3 WheererMorgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler2013
629.21644 MOR3The Morgan 3 WheelerMorgan Motor Company Ltd.BrochuresCarsMorgan - Three Wheeler2013
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